Habeas Corpus

October 2014

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus was performed for three nights in October 2014, to very enthusiastic audiences.

A Noda representative watched the play and gave us the following review:

This play could easily be catalogued as a farce as there were trousers falling down, lots of accidental groping and ladies running around in their undies, but Habeas Corpus is much more than a farce. It makes fun of the middle classes who seem to be obsessed with sex and their personal appearance. The Wicksteed family and their affairs brought lots of laughter and yet there were moments when the characters stopped and shared their thoughts with the audience and some of these were very moving. The play is held together by the housekeeper who links the scenes and keeps the audience informed as to what is happening. There were the standard farcical figures of the dysfunctional family, the pregnant young lady and the lecherous vicar, all contributing to an hilarious story. I couldn’t pick out an individual performance for praise as all the roles were played to perfection. They fitted their parts perfectly and had obviously worked hard on their characterisations.The skilful direction was obvious in the clever groupings of the cast and the smooth movement from scene to scene. The costumes were well thought out and everything fell off or fell down at the right time. A simple set was all that was needed, a few well chosen seats and black backing, because with all the action on stage there is no need for a complex set.

This was first class entertainment and I love to come away from a production with lots to think about.

Other reviews included the following:

“…Your production was well designed, carefully thought through, and was well presented. The comedy timing of your actors was good and it was well cast. It had been thoroughly rehearsed, with skilful choreography of the scenes that approached slapstick….”

“…I spoke with and overheard other members of the audience on Thursday evening so I know I’m not alone in saying that this was one of the best and most ‘professional’ productions I’ve seen on the amateur stage for a while. …”